Closing events

An inspiring song.

This is the very first of my articles in this site written in plain English. This is an especial article for me, as it may mean several positive aspects in my life. I’ll try to do my best to be brief and not to bore you, appreciate reader.

First off, I must thank you for all the support I’ve been receiveing in the last few months. You’ve been of much help for me. As much as about a half of a year ago, a new stage of my life started off, against my personal wish. Hopefully, this unwilling change has resulted in an undoubtedly step forward.

The initial days had been of an unimaginable difficulty. However, I knew all the help I’d receive wouldn’t be spare, so, I prepared myself. I took this as a new subject: observe, learn, study and test. I devoted so many time of my daily life to inform myself about anything related to the issue.

The harsh winter made me learn by hard a brand new knowledge, until then unknown for me. But now, an encouraging spring cropped up

There’re so many people to thank that their names would comprise a really extensive list in here. Additionally, I won’t be doing it, thus, everybody know whether they’re in or not.

I’ve drawn several conclusions, not enemies nor resentment feelings. Anyway, be aware I’m not an stupid inhabitant of this world. You know very well if you’ve taken part in the constructive part of my life or, -oh God, no- in the not-so-proud and destructive by tripping me up. In case you’re in the former, I’m the first to be glad you’d chosen that way. For the latter, I don’t want you no more in my entire life, no matter what you’ve done before.

Extracted from Aiara dacing group‘s flicker

It all started in a Korrontzi’s concert performed in my city and, despite the fact I knew it’s overcome, today I can end up by saying that it all ended up with another Korrontzi’s show.

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